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Share Your Inspiring Family Life Stories with the World.

   We all have a grandparent or a relative who is either living or deceased, who has a great life story or experience which is inspirational. Many of these stories unfortunately don't leave the perimeter of their families ears and so therefore don't reach a greater audience, where they could be inspiring other people out there and keeping their memories alive.

   This platform allows you a space to share your relatives moving  and powerful stories, along with a photograph so that the readers can relate and hopefully learn valuable lessons from their life experiences and adventures, keeping them alive. Whether a great achievement, overcoming a tremendous struggle, triumphing over tragedy, enduring through pain, fighting persecution, finding freedom, living a legacy, a real life love story, or a dream come true. Let your families stories reach the masses and inspire many.

   Author Rochelle Alexandra will edit your story into a maximum of a two page synopsis, to be published and loaded up onto the forget-me-not stories website, along with a photograph. Also offered, are links to a top publishing company who will guide you through the process of writing, publishing and marketing your own book, based on your family members story.