Rochelle Alexandra


Welcome to my website! I am the author of In Alexa's Shoes, which is my debut novel. I was blessed to have an amazing grandmother. She was a Polish Catholic, and we shared a very special relationship, even though I was born in Scotland and only got to see her during summer vacations, when my mother would take me to visit her.


Over the years we shared many hours of conversations and a deep bond of love. Alexa shared her harrowing life story with me, of when she was a teenager during WWII and was captured by the Nazis. I promised her that I would write her story into a novel one day, and now I have. It's a gripping read of the hardships she was forced to endure, but also a story of faith, courage, love and ultimately, one of triumph over tragedy with several unexpected twists. Alexa always chose love over hate, which is a valuable lesson we can all learn from today. Especially today!

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